Subaru Returns to 3-Row SUV Game with Viziv-7 Concept

2016 Subaru VIZIV 7 SUV Concept

Subaru just unveiled a pretty cool looking new three-row SUV concept at this year’s LA Auto Show.

It’s dubbed the Viziv-7. Judging by the swarm of media around it at its unveiling, it was one of the big debuts of this year’s show.


This isn’t Subaru’s first go at a three-row. The Viziv-7, which will head into production with a different name, follows the Tribeca it ditched back in 2014.  The automaker says it’s destined to become the company’s flagship.

The large size bodes well for the model. The Tribeca it replace suffered from inside cramps. Not so much with the Viziv-7. It measures 204.7-inches long. So over 17 feet. The wheelbase stretches 117.7-inches. That means it has 15-inches on the Outback.


The concept model goes even further in size. It measures 79.9-inches wide and 72.0-inches tall. That’s over 6 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide. Those numbers are at the top of size for its class. Subaru says the model will keep its large size in production. If that happens it will blow the rest of the Subaru lineup away. Or at least be an elephant among mice.

The ‘7’ in the name represents the seven-seating capacity. So even though it will have three rows, the rear third will only offer two seats. Despite old trends of past successful three-row SUV, 7 seats has become a norm in the segment.

The concept model shows boxy lines. Its grille goes big and bold with large fog lights to match. The headlights and shape of the side windows reflect Outback cues. Likely the boxy bold lines seen on the concept will get tamed for production.

The name should also get tamed. It may end up on the road as the “Ascent”. This name makes more sense for an American market. Plus, Subaru registered for that name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


2016 Subaru VIZIV 7 SUV Concept

2016 Subaru VIZIV 7 SUV Concept

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