Subaru Wants To Keep Fido Safe In The Car

Dogs love cars as long as it’s not a trip to the vet and Subaru is looking out for our four-legged friends.

The automaker says it will conduct another round of pet safety product crash tests through its partnership with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). This time it will focus on how well pet crates and carriers hold up in the event of an accident.

“We want to make pet parents aware of proper safety measures they can take to help protect their pets. Following the previous study with CPS, we were delighted to support this next stage in testing. Pet safety is very important to Subaru as more than half of Subaru drivers are pet owners, with over 69% of them owning at least one dog. We feel a sense of responsibility to inform pet parents of safety measure they can take,” says Michael McHale, Subaru’s director of corporate communications.

Over half of pet owners drive around with their pets and studies show one in five admits to riding with Fido in their lap. But it’s not a safe way to do things, because pets could become a free moving projectile if not properly restrained.

In 2013, dog harnesses went through testing that mirrored that of child safety seat tests. Subaru and CPS sought put popular pet restraint systems through tests, using crash test dummy dogs of course.

The results? Most of the pet restraint systems failed and proved hazardous to both dog and human passengers.

This latest round of testing, which will be conducted using an independent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contracted testing laboratory, will seek out the safest pet crates and small carriers as well as create new testing and performance standards.

“No performance standards or test protocols currently exist in the U.S. for pet crates or carriers, and while many pet safety product manufacturers claim to test their products, they can’t be substantiated without uniform test standards and protocols. We are very excited to once again have the support of Subaru, allowing the independent examination of pet crates and carriers. Subaru understands the importance of safety of all passengers including our four-legged friends,” comments Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety’s founder and CEO.

The results, including a crate sizing guide and best practice for securing pets in vehicles, will be shared later this summer. In the meantime, drive safely and don’t forget the safety of your furry companions.

Photo Credit: Suburu
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