New Subaru Global Platform Arrives on 2017 Impreza

subaru logo global platform 2017 impreza

If there’s one thing automakers are talking about other than autonomous driving these days – it’s their new platforms. And now Subaru is unveiling its next-generation architecture that will debut on the redesigned 2017 Impreza due out later this year.

Subaru says its new Global Platform will make its cars even safer and more fun to drive without raising sticker prices.  It will underpin the automaker’s lineup beginning with the 2017 Impreza through 2025. It’s also designed to handle gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains.

“Starting with the car coming out this year, we will advance the next level, using the new Subaru Global Platform to provide Subaru with more safety and fun every year,” said Naoto Muto, executive vice president for global engineering.

subaru global platform

Specifically, the new platform is designed to improve straight line stability,  noise and vibration suppression, and comfort.

Here’s how. The new platform dramatically increases rigidity throughout the body and chassis, a 70% to 100% increase over present models. It also improves suspension and lowers the center of gravity for more driver control. Optimized frame structure and stronger joints between parts allow the new platform to improve overall torsional rigidity by 70% over present models.  It also increases the rigidity of the suspension mounting, improving the absorption of the suspension without warping the body of the car, and providing a smooth and comfortable drive.

Subaru says the new platform is also cheaper to engineer. That’s because the it will offer a single unified design concept for all Subaru models. So the automaker can consolidate production at one factory instead of multiple ones, making operations more efficient and cost-effective.

The platform is a key part of Subaru’s plans to hit 1.1 million vehicle sales worldwide by 2021.

Photo Credit: Subaru
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