Surprise! Ford Extends GT Production Two More Years

ford gt

If you’re one of the 6,000 people who missed out on the chance to get the all-new Ford GT, don’t worry. Ford is giving out second chances. The automaker is extending GT production by two model years.

People waitlisted for the cars already allocated for the first two years get first dibs on year three models. New and deferred applicants will get their chance at one in the fourth-year batch.

Ford says it decided to build more GT supercars to meet the demand of its loyal customers. It also matches the company’s commitment to racing the GT in the IMSA and World Endurance Championship series for four years.

Now, while this is all well and good, we have to point out that Ford hasn’t actually delivered a single GT yet. Nope. Not a one. But it’s promising to do so by the end of the year. 

Ford says it plans to build 250 a year. When you do the math, that’s a total of 1,000 GTs over four years. But even a thousand GTs won’t be nearly though to satisfy everyone. Ford already has 6,000 people on a waitlist (6,500 people ended up applying for one of the first 500.) Those are just the applicants that came in before the beginning of the two year production run. 

“While we can’t build enough Ford GT’s for everyone who has applied, we are going to produce additional vehicles in an effort to satisfy more of our most loyal Ford ambassadors. We want to keep Ford GT exclusive, but at the same time we know how vital this customer is to our brand,” says Dave Pericak, the global director of Ford Performance.

The fourth-year production application process will reopen in early 2018. Those who’ve already applied to buy one will only need to update their request.  So tie a string around your finger and let Siri set a reminder for you, so you don’t miss out.

Photo Credit: Ford
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