SXSW: The AeroMobil Flying Car, And Yes, We Want One

It’s almost here! South by Southwest, or SXSW, the annual two week festival featuring interactive, music and film conferences, kicks off Friday in Austin, Texas. It’s drawing more than 70,000 attendees this year who will network away and learn about some really cool new technology in the process.

It’s also where they’ll be talking about the AeroMobil flying car. Quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve seen in awhile. And yes, we want one.

On Saturday, March 15, SXSW will host a session about Bringing the Flying Car Into Reality. AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik will talk about the unique engineering challenge behind building a flying car. The session will also explore future personal transportation opportunities and scenarios in a world where new technology makes more things possible every day.

Established in 2010, AeroMobil has successfully developed and tested a number of flying car prototypes, and the company’s current flying prototype is dubbed the 3.0. It’s been in a regular flight-testing program in real flight conditions since October 2014.

They’re still in the testing phase, so there isn’t an exact production schedule yet, but AeroMobil hopes to start delivering them in the next two or three years.  If you have your eyes on one of these beauties, you may be able to place your order in 2016.  There’s still a ways to go before pricing is announced, but keep in mind it’s part sports car and part plane, so you’re looking at a couple hundred thousand dollars potentially.

AeroMobil says its flying car can fit into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car. Of course, it has the added benefit of wings. So as a plane it can use any airport in the world, but can also take off and land using any grass strip or paved surface just a few hundred meters long.

As for whether you need a pilot’s license, AeroMobil says a Private Pilot License is recommended. Training requirements for these licenses vary country by country, but minimum 40 hours of flight training is strongly recommended. And of course, you’ll need a standard driving license when you wheels on the ground.

It’s built using advanced composite materials for the body shell, wings, and wheels. It also contains all the main features that will be incorporated into the final product, such as avionics equipment, autopilot and an advanced parachute deployment system.

[image_slider] [image_items source=””] AeroMobil Prototype 3.0 [/image_items] [image_items source=””]AeroMobil Prototype 3.0[/image_items] [image_items  source=””]AeroMobil Prototype 3.0[/image_items] [image_items  source=””]AeroMobil Prototype 3.0[/image_items] [/image_slider]
 Photo Credit: AeroMobil
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