Take Grilling On The Road With Nissan’s Smart BBQ Concept

Nissan Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle

Well, if you love to grill, Nissan may have you covered. At least in concept. The automaker’s created a van dubbed the “Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle”. It’s based on the e-NV200 and the sudden popularity of self-grilled meats in Japan.

The whimsical, concept vehicle was built by Nissan’s Green Funding Lab in Japan. The all-purpose e-NV200 cargo van does not have or need a grill thanks to its electric powertrain, but Nissan engineers added a grill and rigged it to be juiced by 1,500 watts of on-board electric power.

It’s not just a mobile cow cooker, though. A slew of other features promise to separate your al fresco dining experience from the average campfire roadkill roast. For instance, a roof-mounted “Mosquito Barrier” projects a radius of ultrasonic waves and bug-repelling aromas, a “Refreshing Mist Shower” and folding shade canopy offer respite from the sun, and a millennial-friendly selfie drone accomplishes, well, we’re not sure what, but it’s there.

Other high-tech features include a side window that’s really a large TV linked to your smartphone’s video feed and built-in machine for karaoke, which we hear is all the rage in Japan. Once the fun is over, your freeloading friends can help clean up by using the included garbage disposal and on-board minibar sink.

Photo Credit: Nissan

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