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If you are serious about the people you love understanding the true dangers of texting and driving, below is a link to a pledge your family can sign together. I suggest you meet as a family to discuss the dangers of this practice.
The form below is printable from your computer and lays out some of the facts of texting and driving. It could just save your life or the lives of people you love.
Click here:

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  1. Grace Deverick 6 years ago

    I love my cell phone. I use it for communication and my jobs; however, I really wish the state of Texas woud pass a law that would not only forbid texting while driving, but no use of a cell phone while driving. Cars are swerving in front of me, driving 30 miles on the freeway, not stopping for stopsigns, stopping for stopsigns and not moving for minutes at a time, and I myself have almost caused accidents because of dialing numbers. It will not happen until a government official loses his child, wife, or lover in an accident caused by cellphones. Too bad.

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