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Requesting Audio Production & Trafficking (Car Pro &  Matchmaker)
Monday12:00 PM CST – Production requests needing co-op pre-approval
Tuesday, 12:00 PM CST – Production requests needing scripts written
Wednesday, 12:00 PM CST – Production requests with scripts provided by pilots

Submitting Pre-Produced Audio for Trafficking (Car Pro &  Matchmaker)
Wednesday, 5:00 PM CST – Submit Traffic Instructions (Submit audio if available)
Thursday, 5:00 PM CST – Final Deadline for submitting Audio Files
When submitting pre-produced audio it is essential that we receive the traffic instructions by Wednesday so the audio can be accounted for on the station log in time to meet their deadline.  The actual audio file itself is due later than the traffic instructions. If audio is available by Wednesday it is ideal to submit them together.

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