Tech: Lexus RC F Glows with Your Heartbeat


Lexus is going all techie on us again. First, it came out with a hoverboard, which is still undergoing testing, and now the luxury automaker is showing off its special Lexus RC F that glows to your actual heartbeat.

The special show car features electroluminescent paint on its exterior panels. The paint is developed by Lumilor and reacts to an electrical pulse sent from a heart rate monitor on the driver. The pulse information is then transmitted to the bespoke electrical system where it is processed to create a real-time animation sequence on the body of the car.

The automaker says that this cool beating car shows the “connection between man and machine” and also is a demonstration of Lexus’ technological prowess.

“This latest concept follows other innovative projects we have developed this year including smart outdoor advertising billboards that respond to the car you’re driving and our fantastic new Lexus hoverboard. These activities underline the new, bold way we are behaving across all areas of the Lexus business.” says Sean Hanley, Lexus Australia chief executive, “The heartbeat car also links to another key part of our brand – high performance vehicles – via our F brand, and the emotional response a person gets from a machine like the RC F coupe.”

Unfortunately, the heartbeat RC F is a one-off deal so chances are you won’t be seeing this technology on the road anytime soon. However, beneath all the electrically reactive glowing paint is the standard RC F coupe with its 5.0-liter V8 engine and 467 horsepower. With it whipping out zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and being designed as race-ready vehicle though, it is no wonder that Lexus chose this car as one with a connection to drivers hearts.

Even the heartbeat model looks like a standard silver RC F coupe during daylight hours. It features a low-profile coupe body with an aggressive wide stance and the automaker’s trademark spindle grille.

The current model starts at $62,400 and comes equipped with plenty of exciting technology. Part of the race-ready design includes a luxury gauge cluster with a multi-information display that allows drivers to easily ascertain the performance information such as driver mode, gear position, and odometer. It also displays convenient information like incoming calls and audio information.

Hanley concludes that Lexus is still a luxury focused brand first and foremost. He says, “No matter the innovative technology we display and bring to market, our commitment to delivering the ultimate luxury customer experience remains the foundation of the Lexus brand.”

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Photo Credit: Lexus


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