Tesla Has Electric Truck In the Works

Tesla truckTesla’s stock may have hit a rough patch, but the electric car company is ready to keep on trucking. Start trucking, that is.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Business Insider that the automaker is working on an electric pickup model that it could introduce within five years.
Musk didn’t offer many details on the vehicle, but did say it would be modeled after Ford’s top selling F-150 citing its popularity, but targeted at personal use customers only rather than commercial fleets.
Following the success of its battery-powered Model S sedan, Tesla’s next vehicle is set to be the Model X crossover, a seven passenger vehicle that could potentially form the basis for a vehicle with an open bed, but is significantly smaller than an F-150.
For its part, Ford has previously said that it’s developing a new hybrid powertrain that could be used in its full-size pickups, but hasn’t committed to such a model. General Motors recently discontinued its hybrid pickup lineup this year, but hasn’t dismissed a return to the technology.
However, a Michigan startup called Via Motors says it will start selling GM pickups converted into plug-in hybrids early next year.


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