Tesla Gets Hacked

Tesla CA Showroom model s

Tesla Motors Inc.’s Twitter feed and its media-relations email account were hacked Saturday, making the electric-car maker becoming the latest victim of online vandals.

The hacker or hackers who compromised Tesla’s Twitter feed were able to post messages to the company’s more than 564,000 followers, and one of the attackers responded to an email message to Tesla’s press contact, indicating that account was compromised, too.

“It’s been hacked sir,” the person wrote from a Gmail account, identifying him or herself as a “teslapress representative” using a name that’s been linked to earlier attacks on other companies.

The fraudulent posts were removed from the Twitter account within an hour.

Attacks on companies’ Twitter accounts have become commonplace. They often occur when people managing the account fail to turn on “two-factor authentication,” which involves entering a code sent via text message to the owner’s phone, in addition to a password. The attackers are often mischief-makers who tweet out their own Twitter handles or identifying information on rivals.

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