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Tesla isn’t stopping at its impressive Model S sedan, which is on sale now, or even the new midsize Tesla Model X crossover due out in early 2014. It’s laying out an aggressive, yet impressive, list of future models.
A compact, entry-level Tesla priced around $30,000 also should be coming in 2015. Now we’re learning that the automaker also plans to build a compact crossover and a new Tesla Roadster by 2016, Tesla founder Elon Musk told Wired magazine.
That would bring the carmaker’s lineup up to five vehicles from today’s one.
The Roadster and the compact crossover are being designed and engineered in tandem, according to Musk, and would go on sale at the same time in 2016. Like the now-defunct Tesla Roadster, Musk says the new model will have supercar performance, but, unlike the old Roadster, it will be less expensive. A base 2011 Tesla Roadster cost $109,000.
Meanwhile, Tesla Motors is still trying to figure out how to sell the model it already has. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company has sold only 100 cars so far this year and has cut in half its production target for the new Model S sports sedan, according to Wunderlich Securities analyst Theodore O’Neill.
Tesla had said that it expects to sell 5,000 of its new Model S pure-electric sedans at a price range of more than $50,000 to nearly $110,000, or two to three times the price of higher-volume plug-in hybrids already on the market. The company says it will sell about 15,000 in 2013, but analysts have expressed skepticism that orders will meet those targets.
Tim Draper, co-founder of $6-billion venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which has backed Tesla, talked as if the company had driven the traditional auto industry to its knees.
“Oh, yeah,” Draper said in an interview at the Techonomy conference at Wayne State University. “Don’t live in your reality-distortion field here in Detroit. You’ve got to look at it and say, ‘Yeah, we could do something here. We can innovate.’


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