Tesla Model 3 Spotting, Model S Updates, New Hire

tesla model 3 wild

We’re getting our first glimpse of the new Tesla Model 3 off the stage and on the street.

Someone’s posted a YouTube video of the sedan being driven in Los Angeles. It’s being filmed by a camera rig attached to a Model S driving in front of it.

The video also shows off the differences between the two sedans which have very different price points. At around $35,000 to start, the Model 3 is dubbed the automaker’s first mass marketable, affordable electric vehicle. The 2016 Model S 70 starts much higher around $73,000.

As of April 11, Tesla had 335,000 Model S orders and counting. In fact, some wonder if Tesla can keep up with that much demand. Customers who want one must place $1,000 down when they pre-order. It’s not due out until 2017.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s just announced its first major styling updates to the Model S since it came out in 2012. The biggest design change will be to the front end to make it look more like the new Model 3 and Model X.  Tesla is also adding the HEPA air-filtration system introduced on the Model X as an option on the S. The onboard charger will also be upgraded to 48 amps from the previous 40 amps.

In other Tesla news that just keeps coming down the pipes this week, Electrek says its learned Tesla has just hired Felix Godard, Porsche’s lead designer for the Mission E’s interior. Godard was credited as ‘lead designer’ on both the Mission E concept and its upcoming production version, according to his LinkedIn profile. The Mission E is billed as Porsche’s Tesla fighter but it’s not due out until the end of the decade.

Also, this week Tesla launched its online Model X configurator. It’s where you can go to order and customize the SUV. Depending on the model chosen, the site lists delivery as either May or June.

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors Fans
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