Tesla Model S Causes Stir With Police

Tesla Model S Police

It could have been a segment on Candid Camera! Done with shopping, a mom and dad toss their bags in the back seat of a Tesla Model S, their daughter in the trunk and drive off.

A watchful bystander takes notice and alerts the police. With license plate information, officers trace the vehicle and two patrol cars are waiting at home when the couple pulls into their driveway.

The police ask the driver — apparently the father — to open up the back.

He hauls out a young girl with pigtails, clutching her jacket. It seems she had been securely strapped into the rear-facing, third-row child seats you can order with your Model S.  The optional rear-facing seats, good for kids only, are the brainchild of Tesla founder Elon Musk, a father of five sons.

The two officers laugh it off (but do check out Dad’s driver’s license).

The incident, which took place Oct. 30, was captured on a home security camera and uploaded to YouTube by Henry Wettstein.

On the video you can hear one of the officers saying: “There’s seats in here? Nice! I like that.”

Photo Credit: Tesla
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