Tesla Owner Sold 188 Cars In Two Months

Tesla Model S

Who needs dealerships when private individuals can sell as many as three Teslas a day from their own homes? The most recent public referral program from Tesla Motors has ended, and the top performer helped move 188 Tesla electric vehicles since the program began in early November, according to Electrek. That’s a cool $16 million worth of cars sold in less than two months. That is more business than many standard gas-powered vehicle dealerships do around the country.

The winner, identified only as Wei70644, shattered the previous record of 100 vehicles referred between August and October. Under that program’s rules, the referring person received a $1,000 bonus from Tesla, which also included a $1,000 discount on the car for the buyer. That $1,000 perk for the referring part has since been removed. In its place, the winner gets a Model S Ludicrous Edition P90D valued at about $130,000 and is invited to the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

The top referrer in each of the various regions Tesla designated also got a few perks. The best performers in North America, Europe and Asia are each getting invitations for two to the unveiling of the Model 3 this upcoming spring. Doesn’t quite match up with getting the Ludicrous P90D, but it’s something.

Tesla has been in a very public battle against various US states over its distribution model, as the automaker has eschewed traditional dealerships. Tesla has long maintained that the automaker needs to be able to sell directly to the public because of the uniqueness of the product. Turns out, Tesla-employed salespeople might not be 100-percent necessary.

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