Tesla Tweets About Model X Event Tuesday Night

Looks like those long-awaited Tesla Model X deliveries are indeed starting Tuesday, September 30th. The automaker’s been all over social media announcing a live stream event at 7pm PST tomorrow night from its factory in Fremont, California, just outside San Francisco.

Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company’s all-electric SUV deliveries would begin at the end of September, so it seems reasonable to assume that’s the big announcement tomorrow night. We will likely even see the first customers taking delivery of the company’s first Tesla Model X. (The company appears to be delivering only a limited number of them to “Signature reservation” holders, people who reserved them first.)

The new Model X is very important to Tesla. Not only is it targeted more towards bringing women on board to the brand, but it also significantly expands operations at its Fremont plant.

The SUV’s been delayed a few times and even now will be delivered at practically the last moment of the third quarter of 2015. It first debuted three and a half years ago, so to say this vehicle’s been a long time coming for the brand is an understatement.

The basic Model X will start at $105,000 and the EPA’s just released its official fuel economy numbers for the P90D X and the 90D X.

Meanwhile, the California Air Resource Board has also now added the Model X to vehicles eligible to use HOV lanes in California, and it has reportedly received Tesla’s application for the X to be eligible for the $2,500 California ZEV rebate.

Photo Credit: Tesla



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