Texas PD Rolls Out “Coptimus Prime” Seized In Drug Raid

A Texas Police Department, the New Braunfels Police Department to be exact, has a new cop car in its fleet.

It’s not your normal patrol car, however. It’s a 2007 Corvette Z06 otherwise known as “Coptimus Prime”.  The Corvette was seized during a 2011 DEA drug raid and the federal government gave the NBPD the car as a thank you for its help in bringing down the drug ring.

“Coptimus Prime” will be used for community outreach and to that end, made its official debut Friday in the Comal County Fair Parade. A few years down the road, after making its countless number of public appearances to promote law enforcement, the sportster will be put up for auction.

Yes, it’s been wrapped to look like a police car, but don’t worry, the Corvette’s original metallic burnt orange color remains intact underneath it so once it’s off duty for good, the wrap can be removed.

[image_slider] [image_items source=”https://www.carprousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/12011134_937869652936728_4484404393643401520_n.jpg”]  2007 Corvette Z06 “Coptimus Prime”[/image_items] [/image_slider]

Here are some other fun facts from the NBPD’s Facebook page.

•2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with after-market modifications for racing

•Seized during large methamphetamine raid in June of 2011. The raid was conducted by the DEA and the Comal County Metro Narcotics Task Force (which includes NBPD and CCSO, among other agencies). The raid ended a year-long investigation that broke up a large meth trafficking cell linked to La Familia Michoacana which moved roughly 25-pounds of pure meth per month in the San Antonio Metro area, netting roughly $4.5-million a month for La Familia. 15 people were arrested in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin, Atlanta, and California which yielded drugs, high-caliber weapons, cars, cash, jewelry (and other assets totaling $500,000), along with a Guadalupe River campground (Goodtime Campground between New Braunfels and Canyon Lake) valued at $1-million.

•The Corvette was awarded to NBPD in 2013 following the conviction and sentencing of Chase Freeman, who was adjudicated in a federal court in San Antonio.

•Seized assets, or funds from such assets when sold at auction, can only be used for specific expenses as outlined by the U.S. Department of Justice

•All funds used to wrap the vehicle, add lights, and engine maintenance come from other seized funds. (Gas for the vehicle comes from the city’s General Fund, just like every other vehicle in the department’s fleet)

•The vehicle will NOT be used as a patrol car. Instead, the vehicle will be used as a community outreach tool in local parades, at school-related functions, during National Night Out, and other community events. The NBPD fleet also includes about 5 other vehicles that have come from asset forfeiture, but none are as high profile as a Corvette.

•Future plans for the Corvette are to sell the vehicle at auction. That money will then be returned to the seizure fund (per federal law). Those funds will then be used for further community outreach programs, continued professional training, some allowable equipment purchases, and other programs as outlined by the U.S. Department of Justice

Photo Credit: New Braunfels Police Department
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