The 2017 Karma Revero Costs More Than the Fisker Version

2017 Karma Revero

The new 2017 Karma Revero has officially arrived. The automaker unveiled the new hybrid luxury sedan Thursday in California. It starts from $130,000.

The Revero is the first product of the rebirth of Fisker, which was renamed Karma Automotive after Chinese auto parts maker Wanxiang acquired the company out of bankruptcy in 2014.

The car is basically a new and improved version of the Fisker Karma (though it costs around $30,000 more.)

2017 Karma Revero

2017 Karma Revero

There are some design tweaks, but it still looks like a Fisker. It still has a solar roof, too, only now it produces enough power to move the car. Karma says the solar power tacks on 1.5 miles of driving distance per day, depending on weather conditions.

One big change is the interior technology. Designers tossed out the old Fisker infotainment system and redid the whole thing. There’s a digital instrument cluster that uses the same user interface software as Audi. The digital speedometer has integrated infotainment and map content.

Another cool thing is that designers used reclaimed wood in the interior.  The company is also quick to point out all of its badges are hand-painted.

2017 Karma Revero

The car offers a range up to 50-miles on a single charge thanks to increased battery capacity. The gas-powered generator extends the total range to approximately 300-miles.  The Revero’s engine is a 260-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder sourced from General Motors.

The car will be built in a low-volume production facility in Moreno Valley, California. Online order books open later in September. Deliveries start in late 2016 or early 2017.

Photo Credit:  Karma Automotive
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