The Car Pro Show 10-27-18 Hour 1

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In this hour of the Car Pro Show, does holding off to buy a vehicle until December make sense this year? Car Pro Host Jerry Reynolds says it depends whether you are buying a 2018 or leasing a luxury. Also, the gradual end of 0 percent financing and how captive finance companies (Ford, Toyota, etc) work when you use them to finance.

Richard in Pearland, Texas asks for Jerry’s thoughts on a Kia Forte for his soon to be college-bound daughter.

Bernie in Westlake Village, CA asks Jerry about the Honda Pilot vs the Toyota Highlander. Find out which SUV Jerry prefers and why although he says both options are exceptional. He’ll also discuss their reliability.   

Another caller is interested in buying a certified Tesla.  Find out what Jerry has to say about Tesla resale value. Also, buying a car cross country.

Also listen in as Jerry talks about what wowed him about the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport.

Meanwhile Joe in Southern California is thinking about trading his beloved 1994 Ford Ranger in for new one. Kathy in Richland, Texas, is looking for a three-row SUV.  Carl in Spring, Texas has a question about how to handle repairing his leased 2018 Malibu that another drive hit from behind.

Photo Credit: JHK2303/Shutterstock


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