The Car Pro Show 10-27-18 Hour 2

Car Pro Show On The Air
In the hour of the Car Pro Show, the trouble with third party leasing companies. Why Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds does not recommend them.

Barry in Houston wants to bring back the old, larger Toyota Avalon and Jerry recommends a new Lexus LS500. Plus, they discuss 24-month leases.  Kirk in Los Angeles asks Jerry about the 2014 Audi A6 he recently bought and wonders how long it will last. Joel in San Diego debates between the Lincoln MKC and Lexus NX. Jerry talks about which one has more room, and says he’d go different ways depending on whether Joel leases or buys.

Paul from Redondo Beach is worried his 2002 Lexus won’t last much longer and wonders whether it’s time to let it go. Find out what Jerry recommends. Dan in San Fernando is thinking about trading up from his 1995 Tahoe to a 2018 4X4 model. Georgia in Houston isn’t happy with the fuel economy her new Toyota RAV4 is getting. Jerry explains the process of breaking in an engine.

Photo Credit: JHK2303/Shutterstock


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