The Car Pro Show 10-6-18 Hour 1

In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his sidekick Kevin McCarthy talk about why senior citizens should consider leasing.  

Dennis in Glendale, CA asks for Jerry’s advice between two used premium sedans: a 2013 Infiniti G37 or a used Audi 2010 S4. Jerry says both are great cars and the 2013 G37 does not have a CVT problem.

A mom looks for a fuel efficient used SUV for her son who hauls audio equipment. She is considering a 2014-2015 Toyota 4Runner, GMC Terrain, Ford Expedition or Jeep Grand Cherokee. Get Jerry’s take on what could be a good option.

Joel in Laguna Beach, CA asks for Jerry’s advice about buying the all-electric Chevy Bolt.   Dan and his wife are trying to deciding between a Porsche Macan or Audi Q5. Find out what Jerry says about Porsche’s pre-certified program.  


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