The Car Pro Show 10-6-18 Hour 2

In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds talks about this week’s True Story from a Former Car dealer about full-page newspaper ads he took out to support U.S. troops and first responders in the years following 9/11.

Callers include Drew in the LA area who is looking for a used car for his daughter. He’s looking for a dependable car with a bad resale value and good gas mileage is a must. Find out what Jerry thinks about the Ford C-MAX.

Bob in Willis, Texas needs advice about a loaner 2017 Jaguar XF Diesel he bought off the showroom floor. Months later, the dealership still hasn’t provided him with the window sticker. Find out what Jerry’s thoughts are on the matter and what he advises Bob to do. 

Victor in the LA-area is looking for a minivan. Partial to a Mercedes-Benz, he asks about the Metris. Find out what Jerry typically recommends as the best minivan out there.

A Sugar Land, Texas caller has a 2010 Chevy Traverse to trade in for a used midsized $20-$30K SUV.  He asks Jerry about the Ford Edge and Chevy Equinox. Get Jerry’s thoughts and find out why Jerry also suggests a Cadillac SRX and Nissan Murano.

John from Riverside, California is a Honda Accord lover but is thinking about buying a purely electric vehicle like a Tesla. Jerry gives his thoughts on Tesla, the number of pre-certified Tesla’s out there, and what he thinks John should consider doing.


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