The Car Pro Show 12-8-12

  1. Blake B 5 years ago

    I REALLY REALLY like the podcast; however, they would be a lot better if you guys got rid of all the commercial breaks, pauses and dead air in between calls and being on air. I like the fact that we can fast forward the podcast, but it takes a while to find the begining of conversations without skipping it parts of the show

    • Michele Sanders 5 years ago

      The reason it’s done this way is because a station in CA uses the podcast to replay the show on Sunday.

      The podcast is the same as the network feed.

      • Bruce Switalla 5 years ago

        Thank you for the GREAT shortened podcasts since late December that leave OUT the commercials. An hour of the show is now 38 minutes and I can label topics if I want on a per hour basis if I need to refer to them, like, “What did Jerrry say to do to store a car for 3 years?”, etc. Jerry you have gone the extra mile to give customers what they want!

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