The Car Pro Show 7-21-18 Hour 2

  1. Jerry! I’m an old gangster truckdriver, still at it. 48 ft is the norm on trlr length, Tx allows up to 57 ft. Also you’re killing me with the Ford back up camera making it easy to hook up a trailer. My ’07 Tundra Unlimited has been doing that with my Ranger boat since ’07. Give the Tundra some love Jerry, built by Texans, keeps the oil field going with its lack of fuel mileage! Otherwise love your show and podcast. Also tell Kevin, it took me a few shows to recognize him as Mr. Announcer.

    • Car Pro 4 months ago

      Albert, good to hear from you. I am actually a big fan of Tundra and when asked about it, I give it glowing remarks. It depends on the caller, if they are using the truck in town a lot, I warn them that it’s big and for some, hard to maneuver.

      Actually, Mr. Announcer is a guy named Eric.

      Thanks for listening and stay safe!

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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