The Car Pro Show 9-15-18 Hour 1

True Stories Demos

In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his sidekick Kevin McCarthy chat about September auto sales and what the current rebates/incentives market looks like and what to expect later this year. Plus, pull-ahead leases and why manufacturers offer them. Jerry also talks about the cars of his youth in his latest True Stories from a Former Car Dealer.

Callers include Lee from Lubbock, Texas who is looking for a large used 2016-2017 SUV to replace a Toyota Highlander. Listen in to hear what Jerry has to say about the large used SUV market right now and incentives on new models.    Mark wants to replace a 2012 GMC Acadia with either a Ford Edge, Nissan Murano or Hyundai Santa Fe with all the bells and whistles.

John calls in about his great Car Pro VIP experience buying a Silverado at Rotolo Chevrolet for his 17-year-old son. Listen in for Jerry’s advice about additional extended warranties. Kevin from Laguna Hills needs help deciding between Ford, GMC or Ram when it comes to a truck that will tow a 7,500 lb trailer. Mark in La Mirada, California asks Jerry about the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado. Find out why Jerry says GMC is getting aggressive for the first time with incentives and rebates.

Rico in Stockton, California considers a Cadillac SUV for his wife and wonders about the value of his 2003 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer.


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