The Car Pro Show 9-22-18 Hour 1

Car Pro Show

Happy 17th Anniversary to the Car Pro show! In this hour of the weekly broadcast, host Jerry Reynolds and Kevin McCarthy celebrate 17 years on the airwaves!

Jerry also talks about his prankster days in his latest True Stories from a Former Car Dealer. In auto news, the dominate midsized Luxury SUV on the market. Also, Jerry’s test drive vehicle this week, the GMC Canyon.

Callers include Carl from Lubbock, Texas, who has a towing question about when he can start pulling a trailer on his new diesel pickup  He’s heard not until 1,000 miles. Listen in for Jerry’s take on the situation. Bill in Huntington Beach, CA is considering a Kia Stinger. Listen in for Jerry’s thoughts.  

James in Houston has a question about gap insurance after paying off his car loan early.  George in Cyprus, Texas is considering the Ford C-MAX. Get Jerry’s take on the hybrid that Ford is discontinuing. Troy asks Jerry for his advice about maintaining his 2016 Chevrolet Silverado.

Kathy in La Porte, Texas, calls in with a warranty question regarding her 2013 Cadillac SRX that’s had continuing computer issues.


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