The Car Pro Show 9-8-18 Hour 2

In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and his sidekick Kevin McCarthy discuss 2018 and 2019 model year incentives, plus why zero percent financing is getting harder to come by in the current market.  Also, find out what Jerry is driving next week.

Callers include Linda from the Woodlands, an empty nester who is looking for a large premium SUV, but with a manual transmission. Jerry explains why that’s a challenging combo. Also, get his thoughts on Range Rovers. Mike in Temple City, California is looking for a smaller truck like the new Ford Ranger due out in early 2019 or Hyundai’s upcoming pickup that may still be a few years away.

Dixie in Detroit asks Jerry what she can get for her 158,325-mile 1990 Volvo station wagon as she looks to upgrade to a Chevrolet Equinox. Tom from Riverside, California asks about diminished value following an accident involving his 2012 Audi A6. Read Jerry’s article on diminished value here.

Jeff in Cleveland is looking for something comparable to his 2009 Jeep Commander. John from Austin asks Jerry about the 2018 Nissan Frontier. Listen in for Jerry’s opinion and find out which truck he says is the best small truck ever built.


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