The Car Pro Show Hour 2 2-16-13

  1. Carol 6 years ago

    Hello car pro

    Wanting to buy a 2011 or 2012 new car for my 20 year old son, I can only spend up to $15,000, I have researched for a foreign, fuel saver (very important )! and found the Nissan Versa Hatchback, the Honda Fit Hatchback there is probably a Toyota sister car of these two not sure what it is…I have to tell you that I don’t do well at all with ‘wheeling and dealing” with car dealers, I just don’t have it! so I was told to buy through the dearlerships’ “internet dealer” but what difference is that going to make, I contacted them online and they kept sending emails to call them, they wont give me a quote over email, both Nissan and Honda, dealers here in Santa Rosa, CA and Petaluma, CA also Vallejo, CA, …please help me out, other thing is I want to pay cash and I read that dealers frown from that and they don’t down price the car because they loose money when one pays cash, they don’t get a kick back $$$$$ from financial institutions! …well what do you suggest?? let me know please if I can also reach you over the phone, beats writing emails….and better communication…thank you very much, Caro

    • Jerry 6 years ago

      Carol, thanks for writing. Your fears are well founded and frankly, that is the reason our radio show has been so successful. We give good advice on the air and pair up listeners with good dealerships that won’t put you through all the hassles.

      Versa is a good car, I like the Honda Fit really well, and the Toyota Matrix is awesome. You might even look at some of the Scion products, like the tC. All get great mileage, all are very safe, and all are well built.

      Click here:

      You’ll find links to Stevens Creek Toyota and Scion, also Nissan of Santa Rosa. Email my contacts, get your VIP certificate, and go see them. You’ll be pleased!

      THANKS for listening to the show.
      Jerry Reynolds “The Car Pro”
      President, Car Pro Radio Networks

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