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Jaguar is unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show the sportiest and most versatile XF that you won’t be able to buy in the USA, according to the company, since it’s an accepted truism in the industry that American car buyers are wagon-averse.

The XF “Sportbrake” is Jag’s take on an XF wagon. The name is Jag’s sporty spin on the European “shooting brake,” a posh, 1930s term now used for any estate wagon or station wagon with upscale hopes.

The wagon effectively builds on the stylish 2012 XF sport sedan’s refreshed lines, and Jaguar brags that the XF interior is fully detailed all the way back into the load space. A pair of appearance packages will let buyers gild the lily.

It’s not all about looks. There is 59 cu.ft. of cargo space with the 2nd row down, which can be accomplished with one-touch levers at the tailgate. The wagon roof line adds two inches to the rear headroom when the seat’s up. If you load up the back, there is self-leveling rear air suspension.

The cargo area is fitted with a floor rail system to which a variety of optional nets and retainers can be added to organize the space. The wagon also offers a towing package that includes an electronic anti-sway system.

The rear-drive wagon will be available in Europe and elsewhere with Jaguar’s most efficient turbo-diesel engines that we also can’t get in the USA — a 2.2-liter four with start-stop technology and two 3-liter six-cylinders with up to 275 horsepower. They are mated to an 8-speed automatic. Jaguar’s adaptive-damper suspension, which can be driver-configured, will be an option.


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