The New 2016 Viper ACR Isn’t for the Indecisive

2016 Dodge Viper ACR

Decisions, decisions. With the new 2016 Viper American Club Racer getting ready to go into production, Dodge is making our our head spin by releasing even more ACR custom color and design element options to allow drivers to make their very own 1 of 1 Snake.

The 8,000 color options – yes, 8,000 – are now all being offered in a matte option which essentially doubles the colors offered to 16,000. What’s an indecisive person to do? What’s more, Dodge is also doubling the different stripe combinations to 48,000 across the lineup with the addition of a matte option.

The 11 additional production colors are also now being offered in matte. They have cool names that fit the intense sportiness of the Viper including Adrenaline Red, Black Venom, Competition Blue, Gunmetal Pearl, Stryker Orange, Stryker Purple and Y’orange.  What on earth is Y’orage? It appears to be an orange with yellow leanings.  Of these colors, Stryker Orange and Stryker Purple are both new options for 2016.

The painting process is quite something, too. It starts with a base color coat followed by a tinted mid-coat and topped off with a clear finish for deep rich colors that accentuate the curves. All this painting is done by hand, which is what allows for the matte option. A complete hand painting requires 145 to 160 man hours. After the painting, the snake body gets hand sanded smooth with 1,000 grit paper and polished to a near mirror finish on non-matte models.

Striping the Viper adds 18 hours to the process, because it’s done by hand. That’s right, it’s no decal like on most cars. These stripes are hand painted and finished underneath the clear coat to allow for a seamless finish where the edges of the strips are undetectable.

The Viper also offers 11 wheel options, 16 interior trims, seven aero packages, three brake packages, and four suspensions options. These combined with all the paint choices allows drivers to make a custom Snake with over 50 million configuration combinations. So each hand-built snake will truly be one of a kind. This is commemorated on each with drivers choosing snake name for a personalized instrument panel badge.

This American hand built supercar is set to be the fastest street-legal track car in history with an 8.4-liter V-10 engine with 645 horsepower and the latest in aerodynamic, braking, and tire technology. Production is set to start in the third quarter of this year, but until then play around with making your very own virtual Snake and check out the ‘1 of 1’ Viper Program.

Photo Credit: Dodge
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