The Next Stop on Uber’s Autonomous Road: Detroit

self-driving uber project pittsburgh detroit

Well you knew this was coming.

Uber is reportedly planning to set up shop in Motor City. (We’re just surprised it hasn’t happened earlier.) The ride-sharing giant is close to opening a facility in Detroit so it can boost collaboration with automakers.

According to Automotive News, the announcement came via Uber’s VP of global vehicle programs at an event hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Uber’s focus on Detroit isn’t surprising because at the end of the day it needs the industry’s help. The bottom line is that Uber wants to get a lot of self-driving vehicles on the road. But it doesn’t want to actually build them itself or develop the necessary hardware. The company wants to tap into the existing automotive supply chain.

The news follows the rollout of Uber’s first autonomous testing fleet in Pittsburgh, where it has a research center. The test project allows invited customers to hail a self-driving Ford Fusion. Uber plans to have 100 autonomous vehicles involved by December and they should include Volvo XC90s, too. The vehicles will technically have a driver behind the wheel to take over in the event of an emergency.

Photo Credit: Uber
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