There Will Be Quite A Few Disappointed Ford GT Fans

Ford GT applications

It’s been two weeks since Ford opened up the all-new GT order banks. So how are things going? Well, let’s just say competition is fierce.

Ford says as of April 19th it’s received more than 7,000 applications, or pre-orders, to buy one of the mid-$400,000 supercars. Only 500 of them will be built.

So, yes, there is quite a supply and demand problem here which means you can bet the application progress will be vigorous, as Ford’s already stated from the get-go.

The application process is designed to identify potential Ford GT owners who really celebrate the Ford brand (hint, it will help a lot if you’ve owned a GT in the past.)

“The purchase process for the Ford GT is as unique as our all-new supercar,” says Henry Ford III, global marketing manager, Ford Performance. “We understand GT customers are strong ambassadors for Ford Motor Company, and we look forward to providing them a service as distinct as the car itself.”

Ford will built 250 GT’s over the next two years with the first 2017 model deliveries slated for late 2016.

You can submit an application at, but you only have until May 12, 2016 to do so. That’s when the first round of applications closes.

Photo Credit: Ford 
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