These Are The Best-Selling Pickups So Far In 2018

2017 ford F-150 sport

It’s a sure bet that the top two, usually the top three overall volume leaders in America will be pickup trucks.  Here are all your truck sales figures year-to-date through February.  If typical, these numbers will rise greatly after March sales are tabulated next week.

Best-Selling Pickups Through February 2018

  1. Ford F-Series:       127,180
  2. Chevy Silverado:    82,998
  3. Ram Trucks:            62,657
  4. Toyota Tacoma:     33,529
  5. GMC Sierra:            24,386
  6. Chevy Colorado:    16,061
  7. Nissan Frontier:     13,893
  8. Toyota Tundra:      15,621
  9. Nissan Titan:            7,812
  10. GMC Canyon:           4,490
  11. Honda Ridgeline:     4,315


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  1. D Manning 9 months ago

    Nice to see Toyota Tacoma selling better now. They really took a hit right after a negative Consumer Reports story about their poor reliability.

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