Thieves Hit Austin Dealerships

ThievesThieves hit a local car dealership, stealing $100,000 worth of tires and rims off of high-end cars.

Georgetown police say thieves hit 48 high-end cars on the lot at Mac Haik Ford and Lincoln, just off I-35, stealing all four tires and rims off each vehicle and leaving the cars sitting on blocks.

Officers say the vehicles that were hit are on the backside of the lot, where the lighting is poor and there is little to none when it comes to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. There are also no security cameras, so at this time police have no leads.

They are asking for the public’s help. In the meantime, they aren’t ruling anything out including the possibility that this could’ve been an inside job.

Police are asking local pawn shops to be on the lookout for anyone trying to pawn a large number of new wheels and tires. If anyone has information about this incident contact Georgetown police at 512-930-3510.

In another case, several cars were stolen from the North Austin CarMax lot off Interstate 35 after the lock box for dropped-off keys was broken into according to a police report. A call came in just after 8 a.m. last Monday about the broken lock box and the missing cars from the dealership at 13300 N. I-35. Police were still trying to determine how many vehicles were taken.

A CarMax corporate official declined to comment about the specifics regarding what the company said was an ongoing investigation, but spokeswoman Bridget Szuminsky said, “The security of our customers’ vehicles is a top priority for CarMax.”

“We have installed a fortified lockbox at our Austin location so customers can feel secure in dropping off their keys for service,” she said. “
Meanwhile, Ken Burrington was shocked to learn that his daughter’s car was stolen.

Burrington said his daughter dropped the keys to her blue 2003 Volkswagen Jetta into the overnight drop box on Sunday afternoon so the air conditioning system could be serviced. The Burrington family didn’t think of anything until they got a call from CarMax on Monday morning asking when they were going to drop off the car for service.

“The guy that I spoke to said at 117 stores, this hadn’t happened before,” said Burrington. “When you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of cars, I’m shocked at the lack of security, that just floors me.”

Burrington said employees did show him security video of blurred images of a truck that pulled onto the lot around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday and a few minutes later, they saw several cars leaving.

They also told him that a police officer found the truck abandoned in the neighboring Lowe’s parking lot. Inside the truck were two service envelopes for CarMax.

Burrington said CarMax employees told him his car and two other customer cars were stolen.

“Those two people had no idea that their cars were missing,” said Burrington. “I was fortunate enough that we had an appointment, and so they called me, but the other two people hadn’t been informed.”

CarMax is giving the Burringtons a rental car while the company waits to hear from its insurance company.


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