Teens Steal Dodge Hellcats, Crash Them Immediately

hellcats stolen

If you’re going to steal a pack of muscle cars you’d better know how to drive them.

In Missouri, police say a group of teens stole four performance cars from a dealership – among them two 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcats. But they didn’t get far. According to Fox 2 News, they crashed three of them about a mile from where they took them. Two of the cars were totaled.

Police say the three suspects, all 19-years-old and under, allegedly drove from Kansas City to St. Peters Missouri, about 200 miles, to steal the cars from an area Dodge dealer. A dealership employee driving by happened to see the lights and called police.  The suspects couldn’t even use all that horsepower to get away of course, since they crashed pretty much right away. Police say they didn’t know the area roads.

The bad news for the Dodge dealer is that the cars are so popular it may be awhile before it can replace its inventory. The dealership reportedly has one Hellcat left, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s now guarded security 24/7.

You can check out the Fox 2 News report below.

Photo Credit: Fox2News
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