This is the Limited Edition Toyota 86 860 Sports Coupe


You can take the badging off a Scion, but you can’t take the Scion out of a Scion. The Toyota 86 holds on to the tradition of many limited edition models of the Scion née FR-S. This one goes by the 86 860 Special Edition.

We agree. The name isn’t easy to spit out. But the extra tag of 860 represents the limited number for production. Well, double that number for the actual amount rolling off the line. Toyota will build 860 of the rear-wheel drive models in Supernova Orange and another 860 in Halo White.


Both colors will come with a contrasting black with orange accents interior. The outside gets racy with black body stripes, spoiler, mirrors, and 17-inch alloy wheels. Extra exterior touches include LED fog lights with the standard LED front and rear lights. There’s a special aerodynamic underbody paneling as well.

Toyota throws a 86 Special Edition signifying plaque on the center console. There is also a lap timer and g-meter in the gauge cluster. You control these from buttons on the steering wheel.


The Special Edition also comes with some fancy cabin extras you can’t get on the standard model: heated seats, dual-zone climate control, and push-button extras. Drivers have their choice of a manual or automatic transmission.

So all things said, the 860 Special Edition is for all intents and purposes a premium trim for the 86. This gives it a shot to take on its competitor, the Subaru BRZ Limited trim. 

Price wise it fits the bill too. The 860 Special Edition starts at $30,040 with a manual transmission. It cost $720 more for automatic just like on the standard model.

toyota 86 860

For a quick comparison: The BRZ Limited starts at $28,465. Remember, though that it is not limited. Both the BRZ and the 86 come with 2.0-liter engines under the hood. Both pack about 200-horsepower with torque in the 150 lb-ft range.

The 86 860 Special Edition goes on sale later this month.

Photo Credit: Toyota


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