This Isn’t the Mitsubishi Eclipse You Remember

mitsubishi eclipse SUV

Mitsubishi proves that when it comes to reinventing itself it doesn’t care what the popular opinion could or might be. It’s resurrecting one of its historical car names, but not the car.

The name making a comeback comes is the Eclipse, which Mitsubishi phased out in 2011. But it’s not the classic little 90s sportster coupe Eclipse. Rather, this one has four doors and falls in the crossover class. So Mitsubishi threw in ‘Cross’ at the end of the name.

The Eclipse Cross will officially arrive at the Geneva Motor Show next month. From the pictures, it looks like a coupe-esque crossover. The name could be an effort to remind drivers of its performance past. It’s still a far cry from the sporty Eclipse of old. Nevertheless, it might be just what the company needs as it moves forward under the Renault-Nissan ownership.

The crossover is the first vehicle in Mitsubishi’s lineup. It lines up with the business plan Mitsubishi has been relying on for a while now. Namely, the popularity of its affordable crossover SUVs. Mostly the Outlander.

The name also plays a role in the design of the model. According to Mitsubishi, the “dynamic form” creates the same “sense of excitement” seen right before a complete eclipse. The color, a rich dark red, comes from the red of the sun flaring behind the moon.

2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse

This model will fall between the new Outlander Sport Limited Edition and three-row larger Outlander in terms of size. The new Outlander Sport also gets smaller than its previous generation. This adds up to a larger gap between the two Outlanders. Also, it creates room for the Outlander to get bigger. Now that the Eclipse Cross will create a bridge between the two.

Pricing and powertrain details will come out later. In the meantime, look for the Eclipse Cross to move from the Switzerland show to the U.S. with the next 2018 model year

Photo Credit: Mitsubishi


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