This Isn’t Your Average Monday. It’s Porsche 718 Day.

Porsche 718 day

It’s not just any Monday. Today is July 18, otherwise known as Porsche 718 Day.

No, unfortunately, it’s not a federal stay-at-home from work holiday, but Porsche likes to celebrate it all the same.

It’s also not just any year for the 718.

This year marks the debut of the third-generation mid-engine sportster. The redesigned 718 Cayman is currently rolling off the production line in Germany. It’s sibling, the drop-top 718 Boxster, hit the market this spring.

Both come with new Porsche’s new turbocharged flat-four engines that are good for more horsepower and better fuel economy.


porsche 718 cayman

Porsche started building the new 718 Cayman in Stuttgart, Germany last month. You can order the 718 Cayman and 718 Cayman S now, but they won’t arrive in the U.S. until November.

The other big news for the 718 lineup is that for the first time, the 718 Cayman is actually cheaper than the Boxster.  The standard Cayman starts at $53,900. The starting price for the Boxster is $56,000.

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Photo Credit: Porsche
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