WATCH: This Kid’s Dad Just Surprised Her with a Delorean

delorean surprise

“Woah that’s epic.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more.  You’ve just got to see one girl’s priceless reaction to her parents surprising her with a DeLorean.

Not even Marty McFly himself expressed excitement so well. Plus, the dad puts on a pretty good show working up to the main event.

The girl’s parents prank her into thinking it’s just a really cool car in the parking lot. She gets super excited and starts taking pictures of her dad with it. And then they switch and take pictures together. But then her dad shocks her when he opens the door and then actually gets inside it. She shows her good girl stats, kudos to the parents, when telling her dad not to and that the police will come.

Then the big shocker. Her dad starts the car. He has the keys. The moment she knows that the DeLorean is the newest family member she climbs inside and hugs the wheel. The video captures a moment of pure joy that children, and a few adults, know how to experience and express so well.

Here’s how her dad tells it on YouTube: We bought a Delorean without telling our daughter. This is the video of her finding out! She thinks we are taking pics of someone else’s car!”

We’d to hear the background on how this even came about in the first place. Did her family and her just have a Back to the Future marathon and after seeing how excited she got her parents decided to buy one for her? Whatever the case may be, it’s exciting to see that DeLoreans are still making the wildest of dreams reality.

If seeing her excitement over the DeLorean makes you want to get one of your own, then you may be in luck. The DeLorean plant in Humble, Texas, just outside of Houston, plans to start building new DeLoreans in April of May of 2017. They’ll look similar to the classic 1982 model, but be lighter, and more powerful. Only 50, tops, will be built each year. They’ll be in the $100,000 range.


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