Thoughts from Jerry on cars that drive themselves…

In the September issue of Popular Science their feature article is about how Silicon Valley is reinventing the car (Click here to read their article). Here are Jerry’s thoughts on that interesting subject. Let us know what you think!

“This is exciting technology and a good glimpse into the future. For me, cars that drive themselves will be awesome as long as it is optional. For those of us who enjoying driving, we will still want the options of the controls, but I can’t certainly see times when this would be nice.

I am following the Google car closely as it progresses, to see what the pitfalls are. Auto technology is on the forefront of busting wide open, primarily to make car travel safer. I had a Mercedes ML recently that could sense if you were too sleepy to drive. It and the Infiniti M hybrid I have this week warn you if someone is in your blind spot, if you veer outside your lane, and if you are coming up on an object too fast…both vehicles will emergency stop themselves if necessary. The Mercedes would parallel park itself. Amazing stuff.

Certainly makes one wonder what to expect in the next few years in your car!”


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