Tip of the Week: Problem-Solving With Your Dealer

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Having problems with a dealership? As with everything else, good communication is key. Here are some tips on how to do it effectively in our Car Pro Tip of the Week.

1. Don’t Assume Car Dealer Is Out to Get You.

First off, don’t assume a car dealer is out to get you 100% of the time. Honest mistakes happen at dealerships just like they do at every other type of business.

2. Give the Dealership a Chance to Resolve the Issue.

Don’t walk into a dealership with a short fuse. Walk in with the facts and give the dealership a chance to fix the problem.

3. Go to Dealership in Person.

Try to resolve issues face to face, instead of over the phone or by email. It ensures you have their full attention. Plus, a lot of things can get lost in translation over email.

4. Seek Out the General Manager

If you aren’t getting anywhere with new, used or service department managers, head to the top. Seek out the General Manager who heads up all operations.

5. Try the Customer Service Department.

Another option is to go through customer service departments that can help fix the issue. Generally, you find these at larger dealerships.

The bottom line is to let dealers know how they can reasonably keep your business because the last thing they want to do is lose it.

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