Tip of the Week: How to Handle The Test Drive

test drive

It’s the most important drive of your life. We’re talking about the test drive. After all, you’re about to spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle and you need to try it on first.

First and foremost, don’t short-cut it. We recommend a 30-minute test drive at a minimum. This is longer than a normal test drive so we suggest you call ahead and schedule it with a salesperson ahead of time. It’s also normal, and a good idea, for the salesperson to go with you so they can point out the features and answer questions.

Before you actually head out on the road, check out how easy it is to get in and out the vehicle. You might go ahead and check cargo space if that one is a high priority for you.

One seated, consider how comfortable the driver’s seat is and whether you have enough legroom and headroom. It’s also when you can ask questions about which packages or trims offer power, heated and cooled seats. Then consider overall visibility and take a moment to look closely at the gauges and controls.

Once you’re out on the road, you can get a feel for the drive. Try it out in different conditions, including back roads and the highway where you can travel at highway speeds. You want to pay attention to how it handles, how fast it accelerates, and how it brakes. Cabin noise level is also a big factor so you also want to listen for road noise.

These tips should help you get started down the road to finding the best vehicle for you.

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