Tip of the Week: Car Color and Resale Value

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Choosing the color of your next new car can have an impact on its resale or trade-in value. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re not quite sure which color is for you.

If you’re going for a muscle or high-performance sports car… Bright colors hold their value best over the first three years. Especially orange, yellow and green. These in-demand colors are generally in short supply.

Otherwise, play it safe by going for the most popular colors: white, black, gray and silver. They have average depreciation, as does red. By the way, average depreciation over the first three years is around 30 percent.

Gold cars fared the worst in a 2016 study by iSeecars.com. Gold cars showed the most depreciation over three years. Their value dropped 33.5%, above the average. Researchers say that could be due to the fact many gold cars are sedans which aren’t selling well these days in such an SUV and truck hungry market.

Keep it mind…If you plan to keep your vehicle a long time, get the color you really like, resale doesn’t come into play after about 5 years.

To check out the most popular 2016 car colors and for a look at what’s ahead check out our post here. 

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