Tip of the Week: Extended Warranties

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Should you buy an extended warranty? It’s a question we get asked a lot and the answer is yes. Extended warranties are a good idea.

They give you peace of mind after the original factory warranty runs out. They usually pay for themselves especially if you keep your car five years or longer.

But there are some questions to ask yourself before you buy one so you should do some research beforehand.

Decide between a factory warranty or non-factory warranty. Factory warranties are good because you can take your car to any dealership that is part of the brand. Non-factory warranties can be helpful if you need help pleading your case if the factory denies your claim due to perceived abuse or another issue.

You’ll also want to determine the level of coverage you want, time frame and mileage beforehand. There are a lot of different combinations.

You should also buy it when you buy the car, sometimes there is a surcharge if you wait and buy it later.

Finally, buy it from a dealer you trust and it’s great if you can buy it from a dealer you plan to get your car service from. For more tips head to our YouTube Channel.

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