Tip of the Week: Factory Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

factory certified pre-owned vehicles

This week we bring you a few basics of factory certified pre-owned vehicles in our Car Pro Tip of the Week.

Factory Certified Pre-Owned options are as close to a new car as you can get. And while there is always some level of risk buying used over new, with a CPO it’s typically lower.

Make sure the vehicle is part of a factory program, inspected to manufacturer standards.

Yes, factory certified pre-owned cars typically cost more than standard used models. You’re paying for peace of mind. But there are some perks, too, as often times you can get a lower interest rate. Some manufacturers also throw in things like roadside assistance and a full tank a gas.

Another big thing to know if you’re buying a factory CPO, you need a factory warranty that extends the original warranty. And we can’t stress this enough – know what the warranty covers. It varies from brand to brand.

Bottom line, CPO vehicles make a lot of sense if you are looking to buy used instead of new.. But read the fine print and understand like any used car, even CPOs can have problems.

Photo Credit: welcomia/Shutterstock
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