Tip of the Week: Inside the Dealership Sales Office

co-signing auto loan teen parents dealership sales office

This week some inside scoop on the sales process, and what goes on in the dealership sales office.

The first thing to be aware of is that your salesperson has two jobs. One is to make you happy, the other is to make their manager happy.

So first you start the initial process of agreeing on numbers.

Then your salesperson will do a vanishing act. Not for anything sinister though. They’ll vanish for a bit to crunch numbers with their manager. A process that’s called “penciling” the deal. You, the customer, are an “up” – which is the car business term for a shopper.

The salesperson may come back with a compromise. For every offer you decline, they must go back to their manager.

Know that the salesperson’s biggest fear is the manager sending someone else over to close the deal and having to “split” the deal, meaning losing half their commission and half a sale towards a monthly bonus.

And in many dealerships, if the salesperson allows a customer to leave without telling a manager, they get fired.

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