Friday 18 August 2017
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Top 10 Auto Repairs For 2013

Top 10 Auto Repairs For 2013

Auto released its list of the Top Ten Auto Repair Jobs for 2013. Standard wear and tear jobs dominated, with brake pad replacement coming in at number one, and other cyclical repair jobs, such as alternator, water pump, timing belt and spark plug replacement rounding out the list. The company also looked at the average age of the top ten most repaired vehicles, which came in at 11 years.

“This Top Ten list is continuing evidence that consumers are holding and repairing their vehicles, and that the vehicles they are driving are lasting and serving their owners well,” said Brian Hafer, VP Marketing at “The most researched repair estimates are for parts that have a shorter life span than most of today’s vehicles, and certainly than the average age of the top ten most repaired vehicles, which was 11 years.”

The Top 10 Auto Repairs Jobs of 2013

1. Brake Pads Replacement
2. Alternator Replacement
3. Water Pump Replacement
4. Timing Belt Replacement
5. Spark Plugs Replacement
6. Fuel Pump Replacement
7. Brake Rotor Replacement
8. Radiator Replacement
9. Engine Mount Replacement
10. Catalytic Converter Replacement

“We believe that this list is a further testament of the durability of the vehicles on the road today,” said Hafer, “and that the savvy consumers measured in this list are going online to research and request repair estimates keeping repair shops and service centers busy as they maintain their vehicles for the long term.””

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