Top 10 Most Googled Car Brands of 2016

2017 Honda Civic Coupe car

The results are in and the winner is…. HONDA. 

The Japanese automaker wins the cake walk of the most trending Googled car brand for 2016. It’s also one of the few non-luxury brands to make the cut and one of only three brands carried over from last year. The other two are Mercedes and Tesla. Chevrolet, Dodge, GM, Lexus and Mazda all dropped out of the list. As did Volkswagen and Porsche even despite all the news coverage over its diesel scandal.

Without further ado, the 2016 Top 10 Googled Car Brands.

1. Honda

The biggest news is that Honda bumps Chevrolet not just out of number one, but completely off the list. It officially ends Chevy’s two-year reign at the top. Searches relating to Honda this year include the 2017 HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot. Honda last took the top spot in 2008 and it’s made the Top 10 list for the past 12 years.

2. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes likewise gave Dodge the boot for number two. Top searches include its GLC300 and Maybach Exelero.

3. Tesla

Tesla really moved up this year. Last year it barely made the list at No. 10. It also didn’t have the trending Model 3 then. CEO Elon Musk’s exploding SpaceX Falcon 9 had a hand in the jump up the list.

4. Lamborghini

Lambo takes fourth. Harley Quinn and the Joker approve. The popular search: Purple Lamborghini. The song came out in January and then featured in the summer flick Suicide Squad.

5. Volvo

Volvo replaces VW in the fifth slot. This stems Volvo’s new models and self-driving developments. Brand interest also came from the Volvo Car Stadium for the 2016 Volvo Car Open women’s tennis tournament. The popular Wedding Commercial spiked brand interest over the summer.

6. Ford

Ford is the only one of the Big Three to make the list at number six. Interest in a revived Ford Bronco helped Ford to its spot. The death of Tommy Ford in October also upped the search.

7. Jaguar

Jag ranks seventh with interest in its all-new XE. The Stephen Hawking British Villains campaign also helps out.

8. Bentley

Similar to Ford, Bentley takes the eight spot with some help from a celebrity. Searchers Googled for none other than the popular country singer: Dierks. As in Dierks Bentley. Don’t discount interest in the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne.

9. Maserati

The Bugatti Chiron put Maserati at nine.

10. Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce continues to wow with its Phantom and Dawn in number 10.

Google has been ranking the most searched words of the year since 2004.  The search engine giant then sorts them by country and category. Out of the 64 countries listed, Google only gives a car category to America. It makes sense since the U.S. holds second place as the biggest car market in the world behind China.

Photo Credit: Honda
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