Top 11 Best-Selling Pickups Year-To-Date

2017 ford raptor

The pickup truck wars never stop.  Ford F-Series is having a runaway year through the first six months, and there is little doubt it will once again claim the best-selling truck and the overall vehicle crown.

The race to watch is Silverado versus Ram.  Ram has won second place three of the last six months, but the Silverado bounced back in June.

Here are the best selling pickups for the year 2017, through June:

  • Ford F-series:  429,860
  • Chevy Silverado:  262,940
  • Ram:  250,443
  • GMC Sierra:  99,153
  • Toyota Tacoma:  94,596
  • Toyota Tundra:  53,652
  • Chevy Colorado:  50,301
  • Nissan Frontier:  37,813
  • Nissan Titan:  24,464
  • Honda Ridgeline: 18,596
  • GMC Canyon:  14,888
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