Best-Selling Large SUVs Year-To-Date 

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe RST large suvs

Last week we took a look at the overall top-selling SUVs for the month of April. 

Now here’s a look at the sales leaders in the large SUV category.  These are all large, truck-based SUVs that have third-row seating and includes luxury large SUVs as well as the non-luxury models. 

As you’ll see below, the Chevy Tahoe holds a commanding lead for the year, with Toyota Land Cruiser dragging up the rear. Here are the winners and losers after 4 full months of sales in 2017.

1. Chevrolet Tahoe30,064
2. Ford Expedition20,558
3. Chevrolet Suburbran16,673
4. GMC Yukon13,014
5. GMC Yukon XL9,573
6. Nissan Armada  9,298
7. Range Rover Sport 7,778
8. Lexus GS7,306
9. Range Rover HSE6,949
10. Infiniti QX80r6,691
11. Cadillac Escalade5,787
12. Toyota Sequoia4,385
13. Cadillac Escalade ESV4,326
14. Lincoln Navigator3,191
15. Toyota Land Cruiser1,033
16. GMC Acadia10,164
17. Hyundai Tucson 9,952
18. Honda Pilot 9,746
19. Hyundai Santa Fe  9,480
20. Chevrolet Traverse 9,437
Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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